Hello everyone and happy new year.!!! We have released are Winter09 line today and it is available for sale in the collection section of the site.I hope you guys enjoy it!!! 

Alumni Winter09 Collection

photography: Steve Prue (www.teamrockstarimages.com)

models: Raquel Reed ( www.myspace.com/ewraquel )

              Lauren WK  (  www.myspace.com/_laurenwk )

              Brown (www.myspace.com/terriblehot  )









  1. TARA RENEE Says:

    love love love the winter stuff! the guy sweats are killer. think i might have to get something since its so freakin cold out!


  2. TARA RENEE Says:

    ps how sexy is the last picture!?

  3. SLUTLUST Says:

    i’ll take those, and some t shirts and tank tops (you should get on that…). me and britlyn are into all of this, she still wears the im so nyc and i still rock the wondwer wheel. epic.

  4. arkaPRAWNstar Says:

    shotgun all the undies..

    like… im being totally serious… shotgun them ALL

    aswell as the black n white hoodie

    pretty much the bomb clothes guys

    *gives round of applause

  5. TK Mayhem Says:

    I want the hoodie Raquel is wearing… it’s so cuute. I want the undies, too. Both of them.

  6. Richard Robbins Says:

    Oh I can’t wait till i have more moneyz, I just ordered the Drama Queen shirt a week ago. Now I want more!

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